Downloading: reg_eng_2019.pdf 2019 enduroPANORAMA regulations



All participants and all individuals involved in any way in organizing and running enduroPANORAMA competition are required to know and comply with this regulation.

The organizer may refuse to register or may eliminate from the competition, even during the competition, any competitor who does not comply with this regulation, who has an aggressive or unsportsmanlike behaviour, who disturbs the competition development through their behaviour or create an unpleasant or tense atmosphere.

Ignorance of the regulation does not exempt anyone from any liability and consequences.

EET zone / GMT + 03:00 is the official time zone of the enduroPANORAMA competition.



          Name : enduroPANORAMA

          European UEM registration number : EMN 37/2019

          Organiser: MOTO CLUB HAITA DEVA

          Period: 02-03-04-05 may 2019

          Location: Ghelari, Hunedoara County

          Competition Headquarter: Panorama Guesthouse – Ghelari; GPS N45 4156,7 E224617,6;

At the competition headquarter  will be held all the events related to organizing and conducting this competition (registration, briefing, results listing, filing appeals, award ceremony,etc.).
          In the competition headquarter the contest organizer will set up  an information panel - where during the progress of the event will be listed  all the information and news about the competition, the results of the day/race, the competition schedule and any amendments there to. The organizer is obliged to display all necessary information in a timely manner.
          Moto Park: Panorama Guesthouse - Ghelari

The organizer will set up a motorcycle  park, enclosed, where the competitors can leave their motorcycles. Leaving the motorcycle in the park is the choice of the competitors.

          MotoPark will be open from 01th of may 2019 to 05th may 2019. The hourly program will be announced.

          Inserting/Removing the motorbike in/out of the park can be done only by the competitor himself based on a ticket/card provided by the organizer at registration. Insertion / removal of motorcycles to / from the park is not possible in the time interval 08 pm – 08 am, unless the approval of the competition (race) director is obtained.

In any justified case when the competitor himself cannot be present for removing the motorbike from the park, the approval of race director is mandatory. Race director could ask for any documents and/or whatever he needs necessary for releasing the motorbike from the park to other person than the competitor himself.

Inside the perimeter of the motorcycle park the competitors are obliged to obey to the folowing rules:

          - Smoking is strictly prohibited;

          - No motorcycle maintenance and/or repair is allowed;

          - Competitors are forbidden to move or touch another competitor's motorcycle. If access to his own motorcycle is blocked by other contestants’ motorcycle / motorcycles, a competition official or the respective competitor / competitors will be asked to be present.

          Failure to follow the park rules reported by one of the competition officials will lead to the immediate removal of the competitor / competitors concerned from the competition. The race director will approve the removal of the competitor from the race after hearing the rider’s point of view.


                    Wednesday  1st of May  2019

          11-21 registration validation - office in Panorama Pension;

                    Thursday 2nd May 2019 - DAY 1

          8-11 registration validation – office in Panorama Pension ;

          12:00 riders briefing – for all race days;

          12:30 moving to offroad start area as a organized group;

          13:00 START

          19:00  closing the race track for day 1

                    Friday 3th May 2019 – DAY 2

          08:30 moving to offroad start area as a organized group;

          09:00 –START

          15:00 – closing of the refuelling point

          19:00closing the race track for day2

                    Saturday 4th May 2019 – DAY 3

          08:30 moving to offroad start area as a organized group;

          09:00 –START

          15:00 – closing of the refuelling point;

          19:00closing the race track for day3

                    Sunday 5th May 2019 – DAY 4

          08:30 moving to offroad start area as a organized group;

          09:00 –START

          15:00 – closing the race

          15:30 – award ceremony Panorama Pension


The organizer reserves the right to modify the above hours if necessary and undertakes to bring this to the competitors awareness at least by posting the information on the information panel located in the competition headquarter.


EnduroPANORAMA competition is an OPEN race which can be attended by any

riders, regardless of their nationality and  who have paid the registration fee and have the following documents:

  1. Valid riding license issued by the Romanian Motorcycling Federation (FRM), or accepted by this organization (like international enduro licenses accepted by FIM/UEM)
  2. Valid medical certificate issued by the sports medicine.
  3. Accident insurance for motorcycle competitions
  4. ID
  5. Application form (obtained from the competition organizer at the headquarter)The registration for 2019 enduroPANORAMA should be made online on

          Romanian competitors should have a valid hard-enduro FRM (Romanian Motorcycling Federation) license;

    Romanian competitors that dont have any kind of license can acquire a one race enduro license issued by FRM.

          This one race FRM license is valid only for the 2019 enduroPANORAMA competition.

          Foreign competitors should have a valid international enduro license issued by FIM/FIM-Europe (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) or a valid national enduro license issued by their home national motorcycling federation, both accompanied by the written start permission issued by their home national motorcycling federation (the document called Rider Start Permission);

          Foreign competitors that dont have any kind of license should get written release permission issued by their home national motorcycling federation (the document called Rider Release) in order to purchase a one race enduro license issued by FRM (Romanian Motorcycling Federation).

          The Rider Start Permission and Rider Release documents can be made individually (for a single rider) or in a group (for several riders) and can be issued only by the competitor home national motorcycling federation.

          Both of these documents have to be written in the English language otherwise they will not be officially recognized.

          In order to apply for a Romanian one race license the competitors need  Insurance for motorcycling competitions and sports medical certificate.

           Insurance for one race can be acquired at the Secretary Office of the competition and is valid only for the 2019 enduroPANORAMA competition.

          Sports medical certificate for one race can be acquired at the Secretary Office of the competition

          Riders over 50 years of age are required to have a cardiological check on their medical certificate

The competitors, who, until the competition first day did not turn 18, will not be enrolled without consent to participate in the competition granted before the notary by both parents. This should be presented at the registration office in original, and will remain at the organizers. If not in Romanian  that paper should be translated into English.


          The fee is posted on the organizers website The payment of the participation fee should be made following the instructions received by  email.

          The refund for registered competitors who will not join the race by any reason , will be in amount of 87,5% till 22th of april 2019 and 75% between 23.04.2019-06.05.2019. After 6th of may 2019 there will be no refunds. 

          For a refund the competitor should send a refund request by email containing full name/ IBAN/ SWIFT/ name of the bank/ City / Country./ and telephone nr.

            The refund requests arrived after 23 th of april 2019, time 00:00:00 will be processed after 6th of may 2019.


          enduroPANORAMA competition has three classes:

          - Class A PROFESSIONALS

          - Class B EXPERTS

          - Class C - HOBBY

          Riders can change class  till the registration validation and starting package pickup.

          Till 25th of april 2019 if a competitor decide to change class he will receive a starting number in the other category, according with his fee payment date. After that date if a competitor decide to change class, his starting number in the other class will be at the end of the competitors list in the new class.

          After registration validation and starting package pickup  changing the class is not possible.

          Class changings made at the race office in Ghelari  will be done after a 50 EUR payment.


The starting numbers are assigned in order of registration applications by the organizer. A registration application is considered done at the moment when participation fee entered in organizer’s bank account. 

As an exception, the winners (1st place ) each class of any of the prevoius editions enduroPANORAMA can choose their starting number. 

The starting numbers cannot be changed during the competition. It is forbidden to start a day without presenting, applied on the motorbike and clean, the starting numbers attributed by the organizer(one in front, two on the sides). It is forbidden to manufacture the starting numbers. The riders will use only the stickers provided by the organizer. In case of starting number sticker damage, the competitor will ask the organizer  to assign them a replacement.

          The organizer will delay the start of a rider who has damaged or dirty starting number on the motorbike. Those riders will start at the end of each class after the problem of damaged or dirty number is solved.

For Class A the numbers will be from 1 to 100

For Class B the numbers will be 101 to 400.

For Class C the numbers will be 401-700.

According to the number of registered competitors, the organizer could change the starting numbers range for each class.


          Any enduro or motocross bikes are allowed to start, two/four strokes, with one or two cylinders, which have been accepted at the technical inspection. The technical verification will be performed by a technical committee consisting of race officials before contest registration clearance.  Any offroad tires are allowed. It is forbidden to use tires with ice nails / screws / metal insertion or any modification for increasing traction.

Changing the motorbike during the race is allowed after race director approval,  if this new one will pass the technical inspection. A rider who want to change the race bike after the registration validation should announce the race director before. Riding a motorbike during the race witch no approval of the race director means disqualification.


The organizers will not accept motorcycles with MAJOR technical faults or any other changes which might endanger the safety of competitors or spectators. Anytime during the race, the officials will stop any competitor who will ride a motorcycle with tehnical or some sort faults / damages or modifications leading to endanger riders/spectators safety

Any repair, parts replacement or intervention on the motorcycle is allowed. (following the moto park and enviromental rules).

At the technical inspection the riders will present the motorcycle and safety helmet.

Throughout the competition the contestants are required to wear protective gear: helmet, boots, body, limb protectors. Riding the race track without the helmet means disqualification from the race.


          General considerations for all competition days:

The competitors registered in Class A will start first, then the competitors registered in Class B,  then class C.

If a competitor is not present for start (cannot start) when their turn/time comes, they will start at the end of their class A, B or C. Those riders will start acording to starting numbers.

Moving the competitors in the start area will take place in a group led by the organizer. The group is created in the headquarter area at the time announced by the  organizer.  

Day 1: the competitors will start one by one, 10-30 seconds gap, acording to starting number provided by the organizer. The gap will be announced at the riders briefing.
Day 2: The riders will start in the order of the provisional standings drafted after the day 1, thus the competitor with the lowest time during the day 1 (including time penalties) will start first. The competitors will start one by one every 10-20 seconds.
Day 3: The competitors will start in the provisional ranking order drafted up-to-date (day 1 + day 2), thus the competitor with the lowest time (including time penalties) will start first. The competitors will start one by one every 10-20 seconds. 

Day 4: The competitors will start in the provisional ranking order drafted up-to-date (day 1 + day 2+ day 3), thus the competitor with the lowest time (including time penalties) will start first. The competitors will start one by one every 10-20 seconds.


          The competition route consist of  aprox. 270 km off-road track distributed on days as such:

          - Day 1 - 45 km;

          - Day 2* – 90 km;

          - Day 3* – 90 km;

          - Day 4 - 45 km;    

*The organizer will provide two fuel supply points, one for the day 2 and one for the day 3.  The refuelling points will be supplied by the organizer with gasoline (95) for 4t motorcycles and gasoline blend for 2t motorcycles . The oil used for 2T blended gasoline will be MOTOREX. The organizer will NOT provide oil for TPI engines.

The contestants are required to fill their motorcycles themselves, without any help from the organizer.

Each day of competition will have a maximum riding time notified by the organizer at the breafing. The competitors on the track when the maximum time expires will advance on the track up to the next checkpoint, where they will follow the organizers’ instructions.

The refueling points are like time checking points.  The maximum time to get to the refueling point will be announced at the briefing. The riders who will reach the refuelling point after the maximum time expires will follow the organizer advice 


The race track is completely marked with marking tape!

           The organizer will provide the GPS track for the riders.  The GPS units should be left at the GPS crew disposal each day for the race track upload and should be picked up before the start  from the race desk in Panorama Pension. 

          The organizer will provide spare batteries for GPS each day. NEW batteries will be supplied by the eduroPANORANMA GPS team, they will be inserted each night into a competitors GPS. Anyway it is advisable for riders to carry spare battries, considering the the GPS recording will be analized and took in consideration for validation the race days, the CP penalty.    

          Competitors who bring a GPS with integrated rechargeable battery, need to hand in the AC adaptor for the GPS or the GPS will not be accepted.

          If a participant loses or damages his/her GPS, a GPS technician needs to be informed.

          Allowed Garmin GPS

          Competitors can choose any GPS from the list below but we prefer those GPS which have USB connector.

Colorado Series:300,400c,400i,400t

Dakota Series:10, 20

eTrex Series:

  • Touch 25 35
  • 10,20, 20x,30, 30x,35t
  • Legend C,CX,H, HCX
  • Summit HC
  • Venture CX,HC
  • Vista C,CX,H,HCX

Foretrex Series:101,201,301,401

Geko Series:201,301

GPS Series:GPS 60

GPSMap Series:

  • 60,60 C,60 CSX,60 CX
  • 62, 62 S,62 SC, 62 ST, 62STC,
  • 64,64 S,64ST
  • 76 C,76 CS,76 CSX, 76 CX
  • 78,78 S, 78 SC
  • 276 C, 376 C,378,478

Montana Series:600,610,650,650 T, 680

Monterra Series:010-01065-00, 010-01065-03

Nüvi Series:500,550

Oregon Series:

  • 200,300,400 C, 400 i,400 T,450,450 T
  • 550,550 T,600,600 T,650,650 T, 700

Rino Series:520,530,610,650,520 HCX,530 HCX,655 T

Zumo Series:220,340LM,550, 590LM,660,665

          Competitors please consult with Andrei Dragan if you plan to use another GPS type not in the above list.

          ATTENTION : Please backup your GPS data ! Any of your data like POIs, saved tracks etc will be ERASED!

The riders from  class B will compete on a single marker colour, and Class A  and Class C competitors will compete on two marker colours (class B colour for the shared track sections and a specific colour for the loops that are on route only for class A or class C). There is a third marking colour signalling wrong way / closed / banned road sections.

In the points where category A or C  route separates from category B is will be marked with arrows or  will be signalled by referees.

In the points where group A or C route rejoins category B route the direction to follow will be marked with bands of both colours, or arrows, or will be indicated by referees.

Marker colours for each class and closed / wrong road portions will be communicated in the breafing and will be listed on info panel at Panorama Guesthouse.

The checkpoints will be marked with CP no. X.  The fuel supply points will be clearly marked. The start and finish will be marked accordingly.         

            For validating the race days the GPS is MANDATORY for the riders. The riders can navigate without GPS because the race track is tape marked but will loose the right to complain about possible time penalties. 

          10.2 CHECK POINTS (CP)

          The checkpoints will be marked by sign “CP X”, where X is the number of the CP. At the CP’s the organizers will create a tape perimeter known as “CParea”.  When approaching  to a CP  the riders should decrease speed and stay alert for avoid collision with the riders waiting to be noted in the CP.

          The riders SHOULD stop in the interior of CParea for checking in. If inside the CParea  there is more riders, the competitor should stop behind the rider in front of him, waiting for his turn to be noted by the official. Overtaking inside the CParea is strictly forbbiden.  After the official confirmation ‘clear to go’ the rider shoul leave CParea imideatlly.

          Time penalties as CP failure will be given by the race director on the proposal of a CP official  for those who break the CP rules :

  • for overtaking other riders in the delimited CParea
  • for not stopping in the CParea, or not obey at CP officials advices
  • staying in the CParea after the official confirmation - “clear to go”


The organizer will setup  a special area sufficient for refuelling. Refilling with fuel is only allowed in this area. Riders should refuel by themselves with no help from the organizer. 

Refuelling will be made only with the engine stopped. The refuelling time is not

subtracted from the total time of the competitor.

In the refuelling area smoking is strictly prohibited under penalty of elimination from the competition! 

                    10.4 FINISH OF EACH DAY TRACK

The finish area will be clearly enclosed and marked by the organizer.
          Arrival at the each day's finish will be made by stopping in the place visibly marked by the organizer.

After confirming the arrival time by the organizer, the contestants must immediately leave the finish area.

          For validating the time of the day the riders should move using only the power of his motorbike or his own strenght on the track, at the CP’s and at the finish line.

          A valid finish means crossing the finish line (rider&bike) coming from the race track without any help from the outside. 


          The enduroPANORAMA contest officials are:

          - Competition Director: will be announced;

          - Track Director: Paul Harpa

          - The referees responsible for the checkpoints – will be announced 

          - Head of Technical Revision: Zoltan BURJAN

          - Chief of timing : Felix PREDESCU

          - Contest Secretary: Cristian RADU 

          As a general rule, all the officials, referees and commissioners will wear specific outfit and logos that will be communicated to the competitors during the technical meetings so as to be easily recognized. During the contest, at the contest secretariat and in the motorcycle park, the contestants must strictly obey all the officials’ instructions. 


All the competition participants are required to take all the safety measures to prevent their own injury, as well as the injury of other participants, other vehicles, spectators or animals.

When approaching a slower competitor, the quicker competitor must make their presence known before overtaking. The slow competitor is not obliged to observe and take special action to allow passage of the competitor who is approaching.
If a competitor sees an injured competitor, the former must ensure that the latter’s integrity is not in danger and then to notify the nearest official immediately using the telephone numbers provided by the organizer, or if this is not possible by going to the first checkpoint. In case of technical malfunctions, the motorbike will be removed immediately outside the route to avoid collision with other competitors.
          In case of technical failure / injury the competitor will not deviate from the competition path so as to make it possible to locate him by the organizer. Any contestant leaves the track at their own risk.

          Navigating the track, on any length, in the opposite direction is strictly forbidden!

          In those places where the classes are separated, in the area where the paths meet again, the Class C competitor will give right-of-way to Class A or B competitors . Also Class B will do the same with Class A riders.

          The contestants must be powered by their own motorcycle or by their own power at all stages of the competition, at each CP, and the end of the race. 



The sanctions are:

- Warning

- Time Penalty

- Disqualification

- Elimination from competition

          The penalties are set by the race director, at the officials’ proposal, after hearing in advance of the point of view of the rider in question. The decisions of the Competition Director are final. In case of elimination from the contest the entry fee is not refunded.           


          As a general rule, ENDUROPANORAMA competition is governed by "the best time wins" rule. The contestant who will go through the whole course of competition (day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4), passing properly through each checkpoint (or missing the maximum number of checkpoints allowed), in the shortest period of time, is the winner of ENDUROPANORAMA competition. A winner will be ascertained for each class (A ,B and C). 

            Also the organizer will provide special standings for the special classes in the competitions : girls / young riders (under 18) and veterans (over 50). The special standings will be made only for expert B class. For competitors riding in profi/hobby class there will be no special standings, just the overall A and C class ranking. They are profi or hobby after all, no matter how young or old they are.
          If there are no special categories like (young riders / veterans and girls ) in the B / expert class, then the organizer will select the winner of this special categories from the hobby class riders.

          Time penalties and disqualifications:

          Missing a checkpoint (checkpoint failure) is sanctioned with a 60-240 minute penalty. Mising more than 3 check points in a race day result in race disqualification.


ATTENTION: Showing up in the FINISH AREA from other direction than the race track is NO VALID FINISH TIME.  

          A valid check point means:

- coming (entering) in a CP from the race track according to riders race class (A, B or C)

- respecting the CP rules and the instructions of the CP officals

- leaving the CP on the race track according to riders race class (A, B or C)

If one or more of this conditions will be not respected, that will mean CP failure and sanction. 

All days: The following are considered checkpoint failure:

- Failure of a competitor to appear in a checkpoint;

- The arrival of a competitor at a checkpoint from another direction than the competition route, or from the route of another class;

- The departure of a competitor from a checkpoint in a different direction than the competition route, or on the route of another class.

- Not stopping at the checkpoint in the ‘CParea’ zone.
Disqualification of a competitor can take place under the following circumstances:

  • Their presence on the contest circuit before the start of the competition
  • Refuelling with the engine running
  • Using external forces to move a motorcycle (other than engine power, physical or mental strength of the pilot, gravity, natural causes)
  • Frequent failure to stop at the checkpoint ( or at any other point on the route, if the official requests it to happen).

-      Failure to reach the finish line in any competition day

-      missing at the start line in any competition day
          A competitor who is disqualified on the any day of competition can take the start on the next day(s) of competition, after the start of all the competitors in the race according  starting numbers, but he will not be listed in the final results of the race. Disqualification for a day or more means disqualification for the race. 


          Any appeal will be lodged verbally or in writing within 60 min. after the results are displayed, at the competition secretariat. If the results are published after 21:00 hour PM, the appeal is considered it time if it is done till 8:20 next morning.    


          Because enduroPANORAMA competition runs in the natural environment the riders, organizers, officials, and all others involved in the competition development should take all the measures need for preserve the  nature.


  • all the maitenance / repairing work at the motorcycling should be done upon a waterproof canvas to prevent fluid leaking the soil. The canvas shoul be at least 160/100 cm and 5-7 mm thickness. For urgent repairing work on the race track the riders should take all the measures to prevent fluid leaking in the soil .
  • for collecting the used fluids the organizer will provide collecting recipients in the moto park area ( Panorama Guesthouse)
  • washing the motorbikes is allowed just in the special area set by the organizers. Ask the officials for the place.

Breaking the rules above will generate the verbal warning for the person

in case (for the first deviation). The person who was warned and continues to break the rules above will be excluded from the competition. 


          Each contestant participates in the competition on their own risk. Civil and criminal liability for any damage caused to themselves, other competitors or property any is solely the participants’ responsibility.         

          Updated 18 april 2019